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Section name: Forensic Science Service & Inspector Establishment(FSS&IE)


  1. Representations/ Appeal petition / Memorial/ allegations  in respect of Inspectors of Police.
  2. Court cases relating to Inspector of Police.
  3. Proceeding cases of Inspector of Police/ R.I of Police/Circle of Police.
  4. Retrospective Promotion/ Deputation/NOC/Extension relating to Inspectors of Police and equivalent ranks.
  5. Assembly Questions/Grievance Petition/recommendation of Ministers/M.Ps and MLAs.Regarding transfer and posting of Inspector of Police and equivalent ranks.
  6. Counting of past service period/pay fixation etc. in respect of Inspector of Police.

Establishment  matters of  Odisha State Forensic Science Cadre including Permission and sanction of journey outside the State , Departmental Proceedings, Court Cases , Formation &amendment of Cadre Rules and creation of posts in various ranks.