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Establishment of employees of different cadres of Jail and Correctional Services of Jail Organisation, Court Cases (High Court, Supreme Court, NHRC & OHRC), Enhancement of various allowances, Framing of different cadre rules, Permission and sanction of journey outside the State of employees of Jail Organisation, Preparation of budget speech, annual activities report, Compliance to all meetings of departmentally related Standing Committee, Preparation of BE/RE under plan and non-plan, Submission of compliance on C&AG/AG Audit report, Annual Action Plan of Odisha Jail Service Organization, Approval and sanction towards procurement of equipment/ appliances/ vehicles for Jail Organisation, Assembly matter, Disposal of grievance petition received from various quarters, Filling up the vacant posts of Jail organisation by means of Direct Recruitment/promotion/ outsourcing, Approval of diet chart with rich nutritional value for the prisoners, Convening all kinds of Meetings/ Conference, Alienation of land for Prisons, All recommendations/ recommendations of Commission/ made by review committee, Formulation of rules/procedures, All types of Reviews (Annual Establishment Review, Vacancies position Review, Review of Prison Administration, Court Cases etc.), All type of training/ Approval of training/ training related matters, All UCs related matters, Appeal petition/Suspension/Reinstatement, Creation/Abolition of posts, Association matter, Disciplinary Proceedings/Vigilance Cases, Proceedings, Fixation of Pay/ antedating/inter-se-seniority/ Regularization, Sanction of all kinds of leaves availed by Jail personnel, Sanction of Un-utilized earn leaves, Formation of Purchase Committee/ Technical Committee/ Other Committee and related matters, Sanction of financial benefits, Sanction of funds for construction/repair/revamping, Transfer & posting of Jail & Correctional employees of Jail organisation, Recommendation of names of Jail & Correctional personnel of Jail organisation for President Medal, Sanction of financial assistance for self employment of BPL family members of Prisoners, Sanction of financial assistance to the released Prisoners, Miscellaneous matters.