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The Odisha Secretariat Library has been in operation since the time the Secretariat of Government of Odisha came into existence. It is functioning under the administrative control of Home Department.

It has the following functions:

  • To procure a selection of different kinds of compilations and reference books in the Library to help in running the Government Administration. This is being carried out from time to time.
  • To make available a large number of books on the various subjects for the regular readers of the Secretariat.
  • To support the employees in enriching their knowledge. It provides a congenial environment and adequate facility of reading daily newspapers, periodicals and magazines to the readers inside its reading hall.
  • The Software e-Granthalaya developed by NIC has been implemented in the Library to provide web-based solutions and online user services.
  • The Library has Open Access & general books are issued to borrowers on requisition slips.
  • Obtaining "NO Demand Certificate" from Odisha Secretariat Library is most essential condition for the officers & employees of Odisha Secretariat.